“As a young girl, when all my friends were reading Dolly Magazine, I was pouring over my mum’s Home Beautiful magazines and marvelling at all the pretty things…”

I have always loved learning about impressionist artists like Miro, Picasso, Monet and Gauguin. It wasn’t until later in life that the penny dropped, I realised why I loved the architectural works of Gaudi in particular – a man ahead of his time, a man whose work is still relevant, a man who in the complexities of his work also imparts the simplest of design ideals. I feel a great affinity with the essence of what his work has achieved. Design is not only for ornamentation. It must not only be beautiful, but also have function. This is my design ethic.

If you’ve ever been to Barcelona and walked through Gaudi’s Casa Batlló or Sagrada Familia you will know what I’m talking about. Every little bit of the building has been considered. You feel it as soon as you walk in. Beauty and function.

Design choices become simpler if you can understand the principles of how a piece makes you feel. That’s where I come in, to help you determine and refine what will inspire your interior. Your home should reflect you, and I can help to achieve what you need and what best reflects you. I help to decipher what you already have, as well as pieces you’d like to purchase in future, and slowly put it all together as a beautiful and cohesive interior for you to live in and love.

I love transforming a space into something beautiful, something that is unique to my client and something they can cherish.

A lot of people find it hard to deviate from a theme. Having a modern house does not mean you should fill it with modern furniture. If modern is where your heart is, then go for it. But if your style is more eclectic, embrace it and incorporate something different into your home.

Vintage pieces can add so much warmth, soul and character, and buying vintage means you’re being kind to the environment. Mixing modern and vintage décor is a more playful and interesting way to inject that character. What I help to achieve is how to blend the two together.

Learn the ‘rules’ of interior design and break them. Gaudi was a design rebel, and so am I. I can help you discover your inner design rebel too.