Domestic Interior Design

Domestic Interior Design

Do you love vintage pieces and modern interior design, but struggle to put the two together?

Do you own a beloved piece/s that you found or inherited that you’d like to add to your space, but need help arranging and blending with the rest of your interior?

Do you need help sourcing more vintage or modern pieces, but have no idea where to start?

Let’s face it, there are so many choices out there nowadays it’s enough to put your brain in a twist!

You can—and should—seek the guidance of a professional interior designer to help organise, plan, budget and implement your domestic project.

Vivianne Reiss is an expert at matching pre-loved vintage style furniture and helping you choose beautiful hero pieces to integrate into your space with a modern twist. To give your space joosh!*
*(joosh: make something striking or flamboyant, to fluff up)

Ways Viv Can Help You

  • Viv visits your house to look at the colour schemes, your favourite pieces, your wish list, and your style
  • Viv tells you that your house has ‘too much brown’, or that your favourite piece of artwork is hanging upside down
  • Viv gives you a crash course in abstract art
  • Viv  may take you out to visit her favourite antique, vintage and op shops
  • Viv helps you create modern bespoke pieces with local designers
  • Viv makes you buy things from her favourite antique and op shops
  • Viv makes your home lively and beautiful
  • Viv charges you money for her time and genius