Revamp Real Estate for Sale

Revamp Real Estate for Sale

Do you want to style your property to look fresh and exciting to entice potential buyers into a quick sale?

Are you sick of seeing the same generic styling at open for inspections? Do you want yours to stand out from the crowd in the right way, and with more personality?

You can—and should—seek the guidance of a professional interior designer to help organise, plan, budget and implement your property sale.

Vivianne Reiss is an expert at matching pre-loved vintage style furniture and helping you choose beautiful hero pieces and integrating them into your space with a modern twist. To give your space joosh!*

*(joosh: make something striking or flamboyant, to fluff up)

Ways Viv Can Help You

  • Viv visits your property to brainstorm concepts for best-selling prospects
  • Viv tells you what to keep and what change about your interior (you’ll be surprised what we can keep to save you money)
  • Viv will source and edit all the decoratives you need
  • Viv can liaise with your real estate agent to aim for the right demographic within your area
  • Viv charges you money for her time and genius