Shipping Zone Rates

Shipping Rates

Products are categorised into shipping classes - (standard, large, small). Shipping fees are charged per-item, so the shipping fee will be multiplied by how many items you purchase. Use this table to estimate your shipping costs. You can also use the shipping calculator in the checkout. Please enter your correct address in the checkout to calculate your shipping costs.

Standard product rates

Shipping destinationShipping fee (per-product)
Melbourne metroFree Shipping
Canberra Metro$10
Sydney Metro$10
Hobart Metro$10
Adelaide Metro$10
Brisbane Metro$10
Darwin Metro$10
Perth Metro$10
Victoria Regional$25
ACT Regional$25
NSW Regional$25
Tas Regional$25
SA Regional$25
Queensland Regional$30
NT Regional$30
WA Regional$30

Large (paintings, expensive, heavy items)

Melbourne metroFree Shipping
Canberra Metro$30
Sydney Metro$30
Hobart Metro$30
Adelaide Metro$40
Brisbane Metro$40
Darwin Metro$40
Perth Metro$50
Victoria Regional$35
ACT Regional$35
NSW Regional$35
Tas Regional$45
SA Regional$45
Queensland Regional$50
NT Regional$60
WA Regional$60

Small (small ornaments)

Melbourne metroFree Shipping
Canberra Metro$10
Sydney Metro$10
Hobart Metro$12
Adelaide Metro$12
Brisbane Metro$12
Darwin Metro$12
Perth Metro$12
Victoria Regional$12
ACT Regional$12
NSW Regional$12
Tas Regional$15
SA Regional$15
Queensland Regional$15
NT Regional$15
WA Regional$15